The Suites: A Shareable Metaverse Streaming Experience (The Mafia Report)


Sports and sharing experiences with people in which we root for the same outcome are a massive part of modern society and play a huge role in many people’s lives. The Suites is a Solana NFT collection of 4,932 metaverse suites that allow you to come together with others to share streaming experiences.

Leading the race in mixing NFTs and sports, The Suites team aims to bring like-minded sports lovers together for the ultimate game-time experience. Modeled after high-level sports suites or boxes, The Suites will give you access to an immersive suite to watch sports games in the metaverse.

Backed by a stellar team, this project was surrounded by hype leading up to mint, and for good reason. With metaverse projects such as Portals and Enviro taking off, The Suites brings a fresh, new take on metaverse NFTs.


The Suites have a lot of utility and plan to add more. Right now, the suites act as a private metaverse room to stream anything from the internet and enjoy it with friends. There is a free version to try (here) and when you use it you will see the quality this team has put into building this experience. In the demo, you can see that there are NFTs displayed for users to view and it is set in a metaverse sports box overlooking what appears to be a football stadium.

There are different levels to The Suites. Compiled of 4,444 Club Suites, 444 Executive Suites, and 44 Owners Suites for a total of 4,932 Suites, the rarer the suite, the more benefits. There are also 68 special edition Private Suites to be used by the team for marketing etc. Although not concrete yet, The Suites team believes there will be very few limits on text chat capabilities, if any. As of now, each Club Suite will be able to house about 8–10 3D avatars, each Executive Suite will be able to house about 15–20 3D avatars and the Owners Suites will be able to house 32–64 3D avatars. The team has also said that they are aware Owners Suites will sometimes need hundreds of people live in one suite at a time and they plan to divide the suite into floors to avoid glitches and lag.

The Suites team does not have the rights to rebroadcast sports games right now, but they are VERY interested in attaining said rights. If you wish to broadcast a sports game in a suite right now, you have to have the rebroadcasting rights yourself.

The Suites team also plans on incorporating $SUITE token. Users will be able to earn this through playing games, hanging out in suites, or making wagers. They are planning on releasing a P2E game involving $SUITE as well.


The Suites team is absolutely stacked. They are the team behind PhotoFinish Racing, a virtual horse racing game for Stylish Studs and Fine Fillies. Between them all, they have 70+ years of AAA game development experience and have been a part of 30ish games making it to market. They have worked for companies such as FanDuel, EA Sports, and Zynga. The Development Studio behind The Suites is Third Time Inc.

The Suites team is fully doxxed and consists of 12 core team members. They also have 4 advisors and are going to release the list of investors at some point. The team has backgrounds in everything necessary to bring a fully functioning project to market and seem to be more than competent. You can find the team members’ names, roles, and LinkedIn below.

Core Team



Throughout history, people have always looked for comradery, and in modern times one of the best places to find that is through common interests in sports teams. One of the biggest draws of NFTs is the community that comes with them. They are membership passes. With the success of The Suites, we believe there will be more entertainment-style NFT collections that cater to specific audiences.

As we dive deeper into the metaverse and digital life as a society, we will be looking for ways to entertain ourselves. We have already seen virtual horse racing NFTs and with the release of The Suites, we now have a sports and sports-betting centered NFT collection. You will see more collections pop up that have specific entertainment use cases in the metaverse.

Closing Comments

The Suites were an instant success after mint. With a mint price of 2.222 $Sol, they sold out in seconds. This is very impressive for a collection of almost 5k NFT’s. To our knowledge, the floor price topped out around 17 the day of mint and now, as of January 20th, is sitting around 12.5 $Sol. This is a solid 8x from mint at peak and truly shows the hype that was surrounding this project.

With a loaded team and long-term vision, The Suites has the opportunity to take over a niche in the metaverse. If they can secure rebroadcasting rights for top-tier sports programs, we believe these will go to the moon. Acquiring those rights would open up a multitude of opportunities for this project and would also onboard a huge demographic that wouldn’t have normally been interested in NFTs. The market they are tapping into is huge.

Time Sensitive Opinion

At the time this article was written, 1/20/22, The Suites have been minted and on secondary marketplaces for about 4 days. With a great team, over 17k followers on Twitter, and over 20k Discord members, the price was expected to climb after mint. Although The Suites are already sitting at a 13ish $Sol floor, we expect them to do great in the long term. Portals, another metaverse project, is sitting at a floor of 39, and it does not look like it is slowing down either. As people move more and more digital, high-quality metaverse projects that offer unique benefits will do great.

People have always looked for new ways to interact with others and the metaverse will be a huge step in revolutionizing how we interact with each other. If you bet on The Suites, you are betting on a highly qualified team that seems to be very organized and experienced. Right now, The Suites will do well because they allow you to stream anything off of the internet and enjoy it with friends, but in the future, if they acquire rights to rebroadcast sports game, these will be one of the most sought after metaverse Solana NFT collections.

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The Mafia Knows Best | 3333 Mask Mafia NFT’s on #Solana | Staking | NFT Data Analysis Website| Research Reports | Mint Jan. 26th

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