Taiyo Robotics: The Story and The Future (The Mafia Report)


Taiyo Robotics is a Solana NFT collection of 2121 Taiyo Robots. Although Taiyo Robotics has had a unique and extensive roadmap from the start, their future since the transfer of ownership to Tom Solport looks more impactful and promising than ever.

Taiyo Robotics has mekka robot-style art and a roadmap centered around $SCRAP, as well as the incorporation of a more widespread roadmap in coalition with the Solana NFT Marketplace Solport.

The current owners and community behind Taiyo Robotics are stout. With members including Sol Big Brain and Nom, and Tom Solport now leading the project, the head figures are all veterans. Although the community is not huge, with only 7,500 Twitter followers and a little over 6,000 Discord members, they are a tight-knit community that has been through a lot as a project and now has a more exciting and bullish outlook on the future than ever.

The Team

Taiyo Robotics was started by a different group of Devs than the current lineup. Around the 20th of December, Tom Solport, the creator of the Solana NFT marketplace Solport, approached the owners of Taiyo Robotics and offered to buy the project as a whole. This came after communication had broken down between the Taiyo Community and the creators of the project. According to the creators, they did not expect the project to blow up the way it did and did not feel they had the experience to deliver on the promises in the timeframe needed.

Tom Solport was an active member in Taiyo Robotics before he decided to buy the project. He witnessed first hand its strength and had the conviction that he could deliver on what the Devs had promised, plus much more. Before Tom purchased Taiyo, he had already helped deliver on part of their roadmap. He had worked with the old devs to create Taiyo their own marketplace. The old devs were familiar with him and knew he could deliver on their promises.

Taiyo Robotics is now run by Tom Solport and the Solport team. Because Tom already had a team of fully competent people and had worked with the previous dev team, the acquisition in and of itself was nearly seamless, and only took about 24–48 hours to finalize.


Taiyo Robotics has two different roadmaps. One is the old roadmap promised by the previous team, and the second is the new “Value-Add” roadmap which is the vision of Tom Solport and his team.

A few things from the first roadmap have already been completed including staking for $SCRAP and a custom marketplace exclusive to Taiyos. The current team is working on implementing the ability to customize your Taiyo’s look with new and custom assets and change its name and description with $SCRAP. They are also working on breeding with $SCRAP and having a merch store based on $SCRAP.

As of January 16th, only 2.2% of all Taiyos were listed on marketplaces for sale and over 80% were staked. The stake time for Taiyos has increased from 30 to 60-day locking periods.

Taiyo, when translated from Japanese to English means Lending, which is quite fitting. Part of the “Value Add” roadmap is that Taiyo Robotics members will be able to lend or invest funds to create a liquidity pool to purchase Taiyo Robotics instantly at a discounted price then relist at the current floor for a profit.

The “Value Add” roadmap will focus on how to tie in Solport to benefit Taiyo. They are currently working on an affiliate program where Taiyos will get a percentage of the sales fee that people pay when using Solport. The Taiyo Team is also taking overall development of the utility side of Zillaz roadmap including breeding and eventually making them Taiyo’s first sub-affiliate group.

Tom Solport and the Solport team are also working to create a Solport launchpad where Taiyos will be able to refer business or launch their own projects under the Taiyo umbrella. Tom also plans to launch Solport Grants, Solport Creator Tools, and a Solport Users Suite and will incorporate Taiyos in some way.


If you have been around the Solana NFT industry longer than 6 months, you have seen marketplaces try and fail to give royalties to project holders. A couple examples of this are Piggy Sol Gang with Alpha Art, and Solarians with Digital Eyez. Although Piggy Sol Gang never truly tried and is widely considered a rug pull, neither of these projects have panned out well for holders in terms of paying out royalties.

Tom Solport is coming at this from a whole new angle. He is not doing royalties per say, but he is allowing Taiyo Robotics holders the ability to make money from referrals and future affiliates under their umbrella. This is interesting because affiliate marketing is a very well-known and legal practice done on Web2 that is now being applied to Web3. If this succeeds, there will be an influx in NFT collections offering affiliate programs to holders.

Closing Comments

Taiyo Robotics has become somewhat of a hero story. Without Tom Solport stepping in and purchasing a project he believed in, Taiyo Robotics would not be sitting at the hefty 42 $Sol floor that it is.

The transfer of ownership seemed to have benefited everyone involved. The original creators of the project, who stated themselves they did not have the knowledge or experience to carry out their promises in the time frame necessary, got to hand over Taiyo to a fully competent team that cares about the project. Tom Solport saved a community he loved and is able to provide the community with more value than before. Taiyo Robotics has hit a new ATH floor price of around 50 $Sol because of this.

Time Sensitive Opinion

With a mint price of 1 $Sol and a current (January 16th) floor price of 42 $Sol, it is no secret that Taiyo Robotics has been a success. With new and very ambitious ownership, an expanded roadmap, and partnerships with other big projects, we believe that Taiyo Robotics is a great long-term hold. Tom Solport seems to be an ambitious leader who adds a lot of value to the Solana ecosystem, and we believe Taiyo will be the main NFT project that receives benefits from all of his endeavours. It will be very interesting to see how the affiliate program with Solport works because it is a new way to provide value from a marketplace to holders of an NFT.

Taiyo Robotics Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaiyoRobotics?s=20

Taiyo Robotics Discord: http://discord.gg/qZm5BTutyU

Mask Mafia Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaskMafiaNFT

Mask Mafia Discord: http://discord.gg/jPgANdvz5C




The Mafia Knows Best | 3333 Mask Mafia NFT’s on #Solana | Staking | NFT Data Analysis Website| Research Reports | Mint Jan. 26th

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The Mafia Knows Best | 3333 Mask Mafia NFT’s on #Solana | Staking | NFT Data Analysis Website| Research Reports | Mint Jan. 26th

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