Dazed Ducks Metagalactic Club: NFT Collection Turned Business Empire? (The Mafia Report)


The Dazed Ducks Metagalactic Club, or DDMC, is a collection of 10,000 NFT’s on the Solana blockchain. With over 11k followers on Twitter and 14k Discord members, The Dazed Ducks Metagalactic Club has recently risen to prominence within the Solana NFT ecosystem. Unlike many projects that mint and then spike and crash, DDMC has had a slow and steady rise over the last few weeks that has left the floor price sitting at over 9x from their mint.

After looking into Dazed Ducks, you will find that there are many factors that have led to their takeover, a few include a well-rounded team, long-term visions for the project, electric and eye-catching art, and business plans to provide rewards to holders.


The Dazed Ducks have a few things that set them apart from other NFT collections.

The first benefit to holding a DDMC is the rewards. DDMC distributes 80% of its profits from all ventures to holders weekly. The DDMC plans to create an empire with DDMC. They plan to make money from royalties, their P2E game place, an ad marketplace, and derivative projects proposed by the DAO. These unique features will all conglomerate together to provide weekly rewards in Solana to holders. The diversification of income streams for this project is impressive.

One thing that the DDMC have incorporated that most other collections have not is a dashboard. You can check earning rates, past earnings, and projected earnings of your staked DDMC right on their dashboard. Every dollar entering or exiting the DDMC ecosystem is tracked and can all be viewed on as well.

Since the dashboard is only available to holders, members can also cast DAO votes on the dashboard so they can have a say in what is going to happen with the project. One benefit of owning a Dazed Duck is that you will get to be a part of the DAO. The DDMC DAO will get to make certain decisions on the path of the project going forward.

Another benefit to holding and being a part of the DDMC is that they give back to their community. 80% of the mint funds went to the DuckFund. This is money to be used to grow the project. Not many projects devote 80% of the proceeds to the project itself, so this is rare and shows they have a long-term vision.

The art is also very unique. It is not a derivative or an idea that has already been done. All Dazed Ducks are a combination of the 34 skin traits, 30 hat traits, 25 beak traits, 29 eye traits, 41 clothes traits, and 9 different backgrounds. This high number of different traits leads to Dazed Ducks all looking special.


The DDMC team consists of four main members. They each have expertise in different areas and have come together to form a very well-rounded team.

Shaun is the CFO and project manager. He has a background in online business. He has started businesses from scratch and has also bought businesses and rebranded them.

Sash is the CTO or Chief Technology Officer. He runs the dev team including Juno and is in charge of the design of all DDMC products. He has a background in design delivery.

Zack is the CMO or Chief Marketing Officer. He runs the Dazed Ducks social media and handles all PR and marketing. He has a background in advertising and has worked with some of the biggest companies around the world according to his introduction video.

Guava is the artist. He created all the art behind the Dazed Ducks and he is a creator and the Chief Creative Officer for the DDMC team. He has a background in art of many forms including 3D modeling, animation, illustration, and many other things.

Significance: What other projects and buyers can take away

It goes without saying that DDMC has been a huge success. Currently sitting at over 9x from mint, early investors have been rewarded.

There are a few things that other collections can learn from DDMC’s success. While 10K supply is relatively high in today’s market, the DDMC team did a few things to ensure they sold out and had enough backing for a large supply.

One strategy they implemented was minting in waves. They did not mint all at one time. This rewarded people on the whitelist and allowed them the chance to mint 2 weeks before the public. Breaking their mints into waves helped DDMC sell out relatively quickly. The presale mint only lasted 16 hours and the public mint, of 8k DDMC NFT’s, only lasted 18 hours.

Another strategy the DDMC team implemented is giving back to the community. All royalties are given back to holders in some way. 80% of royalties go toward Duck holder rewards and 20% of royalties go to the Duck Fund wallet. This ensures DDMC members get a return and the DDMC team has the funds to continue pursuing other business ventures for DDMC.

The DDMC team is also doxxed. They showed their faces and gave a little background about themselves in a YouTube video they posted (here). This gave them credibility with their community and showed they had nothing to hide.

It seems as if the DDMC team has treated this collection as a startup and they plan to reward holders for their initial investments. I see many collections doing this in the future. I believe more projects will use their mint money as start-up money to build businesses and reward holders. This works much better than going to VC’s in my opinion because you are crowd-sourcing funding. You do not have to answer to an individual or firm, you have to answer to the community who believed in you. This gives founders more authority and cuts down on the time it takes to make decisions, which will be imperative moving forward.

Closing Comments

Since the pre-sale mint on December 15th and the public sale on January 1st, each for one $Sol, the DDMC floor price has risen to a staggering 10+ $Sol. This is a 10x for people that minted. It goes without saying it has been a success. The unique combination of killer art, an organized dashboard to keep track of everything DDMC related, and a clever, well-rounded team have led to DDMC being one of the top PFP projects on Solana right now.

The DDMC team has done a great job to diversify its income streams. We believe this will become more of a staple in the Solana Ecosystem because it gives projects many legs to stand on. If a project fails on its main objective, it will fail. But, if a project provides value to holders in many different ways, one venture can do not-so-great and the project can still succeed.

Time-sensitive Opinion

Sitting at a 10x from mint, it would be unrealistic to expect the Dazed Ducks Metagalactic Club to keep climbing in the near future. But, with that being said, the team behind the DDMC is extremely well-rounded and has consistently been putting out features for holders since mint. With obvious long-term plans, we expect the Dazed Ducks Metagalactic club to become a staple in the ecosystem, as many people already recognize it as a top-tier project.

Dazed Ducks Twitter: https://twitter.com/DazedDucks?s=20

Dazed Ducks Discord: https://discord.gg/67m8fTuu

Mask Mafia Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaskMafiaNFT?s=20

Mask Mafia Discord: https://discord.gg/97q4sfxt




The Mafia Knows Best | 3333 Mask Mafia NFT’s on #Solana | Staking | NFT Data Analysis Website| Research Reports | Mint Jan. 26th

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The Mafia Knows Best | 3333 Mask Mafia NFT’s on #Solana | Staking | NFT Data Analysis Website| Research Reports | Mint Jan. 26th

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